Cinema Studies


Dr. Anna Casanovas
Dr. Juan José Caballero
Dr. Alexis Racionero
Virginia Ruisánchez Acebal (PhD candidate)

This project was conducted within the framework of the research group Art, Architecture and Digital Society. Since its creation over ten years ago, the group has welcomed many new members, which has contributed to the team’s efficiency and enthusiasm. The group has also proved its capacity to adapt to the evolution of art and the industries over time, initiating new and innovative lines of research. Notwithstanding, the group made an effort of not losing sight of and continuing its work on Cinema Studies, which formed part of our research since the group’s beginnings.

The group worked on aspects related to avant-garde cinema, experimental cinema, and alternative and underground cinema, which must all be considered as a fundamental source and influence for what has been termed as ‘extended cinema’. As part of this project, the group not only tried to gain new and revolutionary insights in the field of Cinema Studies, but also organized various symposia, courses as part of the Master and PhD degree programme, and other events.

For this project, the research group Art, Architecture and Digital Society collaborated with many national and international researchers and invited them to contribute to the project, share their knowledge, and engage in a productive dialogue with the members of the group to discuss questions and problems that arose during their work with filmic material.